Cooling Tower Performance Curves

The software does not have the capability to generate performance curves. Every point on every curve needs to be calculated manually. A graph plotting application like MS Excel needs to be used to plot the curves. Manufacturors and users of cooling towers have very diverse requirements when it comes to performance curves. It is therefore easier, for a generic software package like wetcooling, to calculate the performance points manually over the required input parameter ranges.

Wetcooling Software: Design vs Verification

The wetcooling software was developed with design verification in mind, not to give optimal designs as output. The reason for this is that designers and manufaturors of cooling towers generally have their own preferences on dimensions and size ratios. It is therefore difficult to incorporate these different design preferences into the software that will satisfy all the various permutations. One enter all the current dimensations, design parameters and ambient conditionsin the software and it will calculate the water outlet temperature and the air outlet conditions. The water outlet temperature is generally the most important thermal design output variable. This is not to say that the software can’t be used for the design of cooling towers, of course it can, but it is a much more manual process, with trial and error optimisation.
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